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About LoneStar Sheds and Cabins

Rick Harris Enterprises is proud to be a North Texas dealer for LoneStar Shed Builders, LLCOne thing that sets LoneStar Shed Builders apart from many of the competitors is that they put all the floor joists, studs, and rafters on 16" centers along with doubling the studs every 4'.  Almost all competitors put their rafters on 24" centers and many of them put their studs on the same 24" centers, which actually voids the 50 year warranty on the LP SmartSide paneling.  In addition to the radiant barrier roof decking for the ceilings, LoneStar Shed Builders use the more expensive radiant barrier versions of the LP SmartSide panels on the walls, making their sheds much cooler on the hot summer days.  Also, they use the LP Prostruct 3/4" tongue and groove flooring which is currently the only flooring on the market that comes with a 10 year warranty in shed floor applications! The Prostruct floor is treated with waxes for moisture, resins for strength and impact resistance, Zinc Borate for termites and fungal rot/decay.  Furthermore, it has an attractive durable overlay for a professional appearance (see first interior pic below).  And lastly, all the floor joists and skids are pressure treated lumber, with the skids having a lifetime ground contact rating.

Don't worry, if you are short on cash and don't want to run a credit check, then any delivered shed or cabin shell qualifies for rent-to-own

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