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Rick Harris Enterprises is proud to be a North Texas dealer for INFINITY Carports, Inc.  Their slogan is: "Unbeatable Price | Unmatched Quality".  I can personally add "Incredible Service" to that as well.  One of the reasons I switched from a competitor to INFINITY is because I had difficulty getting the original metal building manufacturer to fix a building that was damaged by the customer.  INFINITY stepped in and repaired a competitor's building and promised me they would continue to support all my past, present, and future customers.  In addition to that kind of service, they will actually extend or enclose a competitor's building, which is unheard of in this industry.  

INFINITY Standard Building Specifications

These  specifications  cover  a  standard  building  up  to  a  12-foot  leg  and  up  to  24’  in  width.   Additional  anchoring  and bracing is available.  Taller and/or wider buildings may use 4’ centers for legs and bows and may used double or ladder leg designs.

Horizontal Classic/Curved Roof Style - Good - Lowest Cost $

Horizontal Boxed-Eave Roof Style - Better - A little more $$

Vertical A-Frame Roof Style - Best - Most $$$