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Rick Harris Enterprises is proud to be a North Texas dealer for INFINITY Carports, Inc. Their slogan is: "Unbeatable Price | Unmatched Quality". I can personally add "Incredible Service" to that as well. One of the reasons I switched from a competitor to INFINITY is because I had difficulty getting the original metal building manufacturer to fix a building that was damaged by the customer. INFINITY stepped in and repaired a competitor's building and promised me they would continue to support all my past, present, and future customers. In addition to that kind of service, they will actually extend or enclose a competitor's building, which is unheard of in this industry.

INFINITY Standard Building Specifications

  • 2 ½ in. 14 gauge square steel tubing, can be upgraded to 2 ¼ in. 12 gauge tubing

  • 29 gauge Tuff Rib sheet metal assembled with ribs running horizontal to the building unless upgraded to vertical installation. May be upgraded to 26 gauge sheet metal.

  • Base rail/Leg connection has a 2 ¼ or 2 in. nipple welded to the base rail.

  • Leg/Roof bow connection has a 2 ¼ or 2 in. nipple crimped and screwed in connection.

  • All other tubing connection is butt joints with 1-L bracket held with 2 screws on each leg of the L bracket.

  • Legs and roof bows are spaced 5’ feet or less apart for taller and wider buildings

  • All screws are ¾ in. #10 self-tapping, silver screws that can be upgraded to color matched versions.

  • 3’ rebar rods with welded nut head are driven into soil through base rail every 12’ (on concrete slabs concrete, wedge style anchor bolts are used instead of rods)

  • A Certified structure can withstand 130 mph wind velocity if installed on concrete with standard wedge bolt anchors or direct to ground with mobile home anchors which are included with certified buildings.

  • 2’ or 4’ U bracing is placed on every roof bow on the underside of the peek.

  • 2’ U bracing is placed on corner legs, at the leg/roof joint. Braces on every leg for 8’ and taller legs. Optional brace package with braces on all legs may be purchased for 6’ & 7’ legs.

These specifications cover a standard building up to a 12-foot leg and up to 24’ in width. Additional anchoring and bracing is available. Taller and/or wider buildings may use 4’ centers for legs and bows and may used double or ladder leg designs.

Horizontal Classic/Curved Roof Style - Good - Lowest Cost $

Horizontal Boxed-Eave Roof Style - Better - A little more $$

Vertical A-Frame Roof Style - Best - Most $$$