About Rick Harris

Hi, my name is Rick Harris.  The photo was taken in June 2012 and that’s me flanked by my sons. Even though I am now a single father after 19 years of marriage to their mother, I am truly blessed by the grace of these two young men.   It goes without saying, my number one job is being the best Dad I can be for them and set a great example for them to follow.

One of my current goals is to simplify my life and spend more quality time with my kids, parents, and friends.   After a career in software development and as an IT executive, I am now coming back to my roots and have been given the opportunity by my parents to take over the management of my Granddad’s old ranch.  If you want to know about my professional career, then feel free to take a look at my resume on www.RickHarris.me.

Since I believe a person’s true character is defined by his/her upbringing and the people he/she was surrounded by during their formative years, I am going to share with you what I think really makes me who I am today…

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Our Customers

I have many happy customers that span Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even Colorado.  The first map below is a view of my total reach and the second one shows the concentration in the North Texas greater metro-plex.  What is not depicted by these maps is how many repeat customers I have and the variety of products they have purchased.  It is always a great pleasure to continue a long-lasting relationship with my customers.  I sincerely hope to be your local destination for everything I offer on this site.  Thanks and I hope to add you and/or your future purchase to these maps as well.

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Zoomed Out Map of All Customers

Zoomed In Map of Local Customers