Rick Harris Enterprises is proud to be a dealer for Wolfvalley Buildings, maker of ultra high-quality portable cabins, barns, and sheds; with many different options to choose from.

Wolfvalley Buildings has an incredible price, quality and service combination with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!  They are designed and built like a house; thus, they should last a lifetime with very minimal maintenance.  Believe it or not, all sheds and cabin shells are priced per square foot regardless of their size, all the the way from an 8×12 up to an 18×60.   Sheds start as low as $19 per square foot and cabin shells start at $23.20 per square foot.  Finished cabins and Tiny Homes usually range from $75-$85 per square foot depending on finish details.

Wolfvalley Buildings offers a wide variety of standard colors, options, and upgrades shown below.   We use Sherwin Williams super high-grade paint and have color matched all the metal roof colors so your trim or walls can match the roof.  It is your choice whether to use a 30-year dimensional shingle or the 40-year metal roof, both are priced the same.   Also, if you do not see the colors you prefer or you need a special shingle, just provide us with the Sherwin Williams paint code and/or a shingle brand from Lowe’s and we will use it at no additional charge.  NOTE: We are very flexible when it comes to custom requests; however, any deviation from our standard options below may result in a longer than standard build time.

Standard Wall, Trim, and Metal Roof Colors

Haley Paint Wilderness Urethane Stains designed specifically fop LP Smart Siding

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